Nov 062013

Some times while installing new apps or upgrading the apps from Google Play store, we get an error : “Insufficient Storage available”
This error comes even though the phone shows enough internal memory available.

You can free up a lot of space by deleting Dumpstate / Logcat.

To do so, dial the following code from your dialer app : *#9900#
You will see lot of options; Select : “Delete dumpstate/logcat” to delete the logs.











You can check how much memory is free from the settings.
Go to Settings > Storage. Check the available device memory.

Oct 082013

The S-Pen in the Galaxy Note 3 is a very great tool. Sometimes you may keep it some where and loos it.

The note 3 provides a feature by which you can keep track of your S-Pen. It can alert if you have left your stylus behind. To get alerts :

Go to Settings > Control > S-Pen and make the settings.

Note : This will work only when your screen is off. And it will warn you only once. If you say ‘OK’ then it wont warn you again until you redock the S-Pen again

May 092013

You can now access the Google search from your home screen with a quick short cut.

Press the menu key and hold it for couple of seconds. This will launch the Google Search.

Note: This short cut may work only on selected phone models and selected Android version.

May 062013

The Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) offers new kind of notifications – Expandable Notifications.

The expandable notifications can be expanded and collapsed to see more detailed info and actions. For e.g. an email notification can be expanded to see the subject and few lines of the content.

Additionally, you can take some actions also directly from the notification like Delete, Reply – without opening the email completely.

To expand the notification – touch the notification with both fingers and swipe down / expand as shown in the image below.


Apr 212013

Samsung Swype keyboard has introduced a much needed feature for Indian customers – Typing in Hin-Glish.

Note: This option is available only in the latest Android version: Jelly Bean

In India, typing in Hinglish (typing Hindi words in English for e.g. Kya kar rahe ho) is very common. Samsung realized this and they introduced this special language in the Swype keyboard.

To activate this option, Go to Settings > Language & Input > Swype Settings > Language Options and download languages.

Another way to reach this settings is: Open some text editor so that the keyboard appears. Do a long press on the space bar. The Swype keyboard will offer you to change input language and will give an option to download more languages.


Jan 272013

We all know how to type in upper case – by taping the caps lock key.

However, this types only one character in upper case and then the caps lock is turned off automatically. If you want to keep the CAPS lock on, then tap it twice continuously.


If you tap again, the CAPS lock will be turned off.

Jan 142013

You can get navigation directions very easily using Google Now. In order to enable this feature, you must set your Home and work location in the Google Now settings.

To set these locations, open your Google Now settings. Go to Traffic card settings. Set your home / work location as shown.


Now onwards, Google now will automatically tell how details like how much time to reach home / office etc.

Jan 052013

In the Jelly Bean Android version, Google introduced an intelligent personal assistant : ‘Google Now’. Google Now gives you all the relevant information at the time you need it. For e.g. :

  • If your favorite team is playing today, it will display the scores automatically.
  • If you are commuting, it will tell you the traffic details automatically.
  • If you are away from your home location (in a different time zone or a different country) it will tell you about the currency, the local time and the time at your home location.

Like wise it has many useful features. And you don’t have to ask / search for this information manually; It tells you automatically.

This information is presented in the form of cards. Activate these cards and get the relevant info automatically.

To activate cards, just click on the Google search widget and go to settings to activate cards. The below image shows the whether and the commute cards.



Dec 262012

Tethering is the process of sharing the mobile internet connection with other devices. For e.g. you can share your mobile internet connection with your tablet via WiFi.

If you are tethering via WiFi, then your tablet will consider it as a normal WiFi connection and it can consume large amount of data which can be costly.

In the Jelly Bean Android version, you can designate certain WiFi networks as mobile hot spots. Thus, even though it is a WiFi connection, the system will treat it as a mobile internet connection. You can then control the internet usage by disabling background services etc.

You can also set apps to warn you before using these networks for large download.

To mark certain WiFi networks as mobile hotspots, go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Data Usage > Mobile Hotspots


Dec 242012

In the latest  Android version – Jelly Bean, Google has added a new feature named : Google Now. You can talk to Google Now and give voice commands just like Siri.

For e.g. to create a new alarm, just say: “Set alarm for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow”


Just click on the microphone button in the Google search widget to start giving commands.