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What is Hanu-Droid

Hanu-Droid is an Android framework that helps you develop Android apps without even basic knowledge of programming.Wondering if that is possible? Yes it is.

How does it work?

Nidhi’s Recipe App: Let’s meet Nidhi. She is a great cook. Nidhi’s friends tell her that she is a great cook and she should share her recipes about authentic Indian cuisine. Nidhi and her friends think that it will be awesome to have a mobile app about her recipes. Nidhi isĀ  well versed with computers but she does not know how to develop mobile apps.

No need to worry. Nidhi can just concentrate on writing her recipes. The mobile app development can be done using the Hanu-Droid framework withing minutes, even before Nidhi can write her first recipe.

Alok’s Movie Review app: Let’s meet Alok. Alok is a movie freak guy and already blogs about movie reviews. His work is really appreciated in the internet community. Alok feels that he should also have a mobile app so that his readers can read movie reviews from their mobile phones also. Unfortunately, Alok also does not know programming.

No need to worry. With the help of Hanu-Droid framework, Alok can create a mobile app within few minutes. His users are automatically notified whenever Alok writes a new movie review.

Nidhi and Alok are now proud owners of Mobile apps and that too for free. Yes you read it correct – Free.

Excited ? Read how to create Android app and then Contact Us.

To know the features of your Android app, read: Android app Features.

How to create an Android app

Thank you for choosing Hanu-Droid. In order to get your free native Android app, follow the simple steps:

  1. Install the word press plugin as described on Hanu-Droid Word press Plugin
    • If you don’t have a word press blog, then contact us. We can help you set up your blog for free.
  2. Select your Pricing Plan
  3. Send us your information using Contact Us page

Once you contact us, your application will be hosted on Google Play store withing 1 business day.

Check: Android App Features

Android App Features

The Android app developed using Hanu-Droid framework will have the following features:

  • The app will be a native app. It won’t be a browser app
  • The app will support offline reading. This means users will be able to read even when they are not connected to internet.
  • Users will be able to filter posts by category, tags and authors.
  • App supports Push Notifications. Whenever you add a new post on your blog, notify the application users automatically at the click of a button
  • Users will be able to comment and rate the posts from the Android app.
  • Comments & ratings are allowed in offline mode also.